Enlightened Automation.

  • Rachio 3 Controller

  • 8-Zone or 16-Zone

  • Optional Weatherproof Enclosure

  • Predicts weather changes and automatically adjusts your watering schedule

Irrigation Controller.png
  • Smart Scheduling through the same app

  • Automatically adjusts temperature when nobody is at home

  • Shuts off airflow in the event of a fire.

  • Battery Operated

  • Includes Smartkey Re-keying

  • User codes synchronize easily between the Home Automation System and the deadbolt keypad

Garage Control
  • Open / Close your garage from anywhere

  • Receive notification if garage door is left open

  • Automate lighting with schedules and scenes

  • Control lights in the same app from anywhere in the world.

SONOS Smart Speaker
  • Multiple built-in smart assistant AI options.

  • Sonos App wireless speaker platform

  • Integration with Smart Home System and App

*Some automation devices may require a separate licensed contractor for installation and/or service  depending on state licensing regulations.